My son Miles took this photo of me with my other three kids for Fine Living Lancaster:

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There are lots of things I like to do in life. I like to start craft and paint projects and not finish them. I like to drink a lot of caffeine. I like being a mom and a wife most of the time. I like making shower scrubs and lotions and lip balms. I like playing my violin. 

I don't really like starting all of these sentences with "I". 

I have four children who I think are turning out ok. If you care about this sort of thing, their order is boy, girl, boy, girl.  I've been married for a bunch of years and my husband owns and operates Form Concrete Studio.  He makes really cool concrete sinks and showers and countertops and I'm pretty jealous of the projects he works on. 

My part-time day job is Community Connector for Lancaster-South (connecting my neighbors south of King St to resources in the community). I am absolutely in love with our  Cabbage Hill neighborhood and photographing it never gets old for me. 

My favorite moments during portrait sessions are when I get to just hang back and capture you and/or you and your family in your natural state. Well, as natural as can be. Let's be honest- it's not natural to have someone following you around with a camera BUT my hope is that you feel comfortable enough in front of me to interact how you normally do. I'm the worst with this so I'm not lecturing but I believe moms (and dads, but mostly moms) need to be in more pictures. If you aren't happy with how you look right now, I won't post your photos but your kids deserve to have them when they're older. 

I cry at every wedding and it's kind of embarrassing. My favorite photos from weddings are alwaysalwaysalways the candid ones. 

I feel like I'm just a person who enjoys sarcasm and being honest and laughing like so many of you. 

If you think we'd be a good fit, get ahold of me.   Let's do this, you guys!


(717) 314.1633

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